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We have taken the knowledge and experience developed and used by OFM Elite Endurance Athletes and put it here for you

Whether you want to:

  • Eliminate Bonking
  • Eliminate GI Distress
  • Reach Your Peak Performance
  • Take Control Of Your Health
  • Tap Into Longevity and Reverse Chronic Illness
  • OR just live life to the fullest

...this community is the right place for you.  With access to our library of sports nutrition coupled with the group support of our athletic community all striving to reach peak metabolic health and performance, you will find the support and information you need to understand and optimize your physiology.

Our Members Enjoy The Following Benefits:

  • Monthly AMA Call With Peter Defty 
  • Quarterly AMA Call With Our Expert Panel and Guests 
  • Exclusive Access To Our OFM Vault (over 100 articles and videos) 
  • 15% Discount on all current and future OFM Learning Centre Courses
  • 15% Discount on Vespa

Because Your Metabolic Health Is Important

Whether you are an athlete who wants to perform better and longer, or are interested in longevity and reaching your peak Health, this community is designed to give you everthing you need.

Monthly AMA

This is your chance to ask anything about your fueling, diet, training and receive the best personal advice for you.

Expert Panel

Our Expert Panel consist of our medical advisory team and other experts that will join us quarterly to give you access to top quality professionals.

The OFM Vault

Our extensive growing library will give you access to all of our resources previously where only available to coaching clients.

Discounted Learning and Help

Get 15% off all current and future courses in the learning centre and also get 15% off any Vespa purchase. 

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